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5 Secrets Every Housekeeper Wishes Guests Knew

Updated: May 22, 2023

The Housekeepers at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Plantation Resort, are phenomenal! Their hard work will make your Myrtle Beach Vacation memorable.

Updated: May 2023

Faster than a speeding Swiffer! More powerful than the strongest vacuum! Housekeepers are the unseen, unsung heroes of hospitality – working long hours to provide you with a clean place for you to enjoy your vacation. Imagine cleaning a 1,200 sq. ft. home in an hour (kitchen, deck, and tubs included), then multiply that by 10 a day and you begin to realize why we owe the housekeeping team at Grand Palms Resort appreciation of heroic proportions.

Our housekeepers truly desire to do an exceptional job for every guest and work tirelessly to make your “Home Away from Home” feel just like “home” (or better). So, to recognize our hard-working housekeepers and to show them some love, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things housekeepers wish you knew.

1. Late Checkouts = Late Check-Ins

A late checkout means that housekeeping begins cleaning later than usual and increases the chances of the next check-in being delayed. While our housekeepers strive to deliver a timely, clean, and comfortable experience; it may take a bit longer to make your condo ready for your vacation and they appreciate your patience. On the other hand, if you are leaving early, please let our staff know so that housekeeping can get an early start preparing your condo for the next guest.

2. Special Requests Almost Always Delay Your Check-In Time

We always strive to have a room ready for you as soon as you arrive. If the room we selected for you is delayed at check-in, we quickly and seamlessly move your reservation to a room that’s the same size and has the same amenities. When you make a special request for a specific room or room type, such as needing a 1st-floor unit or wanting a condo right next to the pool, it limits the number of condos we can choose from and may cause a delay in our ability to check you in. If you make a special request it may require more patience while housekeeping completes the finishing touches on one of the rooms you’ve requested.

The Housekeepers at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Plantation Resort, are phenomenal! Their hard work will make your Myrtle Beach Vacation memorable.
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3. Staffing Is Difficult

Good housekeeping is a skill and is physically demanding. Even though Grand Palms Resort housekeepers may make well above the average wage in the industry, there are fewer and fewer who want to dedicate the time and effort to become a quality housekeeper. With fewer housekeepers willing to do the work, it increases the burden on those who do. This also makes taking time for training and improving job performance more difficult.

Why do housekeepers want you to know this? Because having this understanding hopefully helps you be more patient as they work their hardest to provide you a clean and comfortable vacation experience.

4. Tips? Yes, Please!

It’s the age-old question: to tip or not to tip. And honestly, if you’re happy with what they’ve done, this is the time to show some appreciation. Tipping is an especially good idea when you leave your condo super messy which gives them more work to do to clean up your condo for the next guest. Our housekeepers are too nice to say anything so we’ll say it for them: even just a few dollars helps them feel valued and appreciated.

When leaving a tip, please be sure to leave a note so they know it’s for them. “I’ve often noticed that if I’ve left $5, they’re leaving it there—which is phenomenal because it shows how honest and good the housekeepers are. They’re not just taking the money that’s left out; they’re waiting to see that it’s for them.” – @alexvanburen

The Housekeepers at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Plantation Resort, are phenomenal! Their hard work will make your Myrtle Beach Vacation memorable.

5. Please Tell Us When We’ve Fallen Short

We aren’t perfect, but we try to be. If you find something that’s been missed, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can make it right as soon as possible. Telling us when you find an issue allows us to fix it quickly so you can continue to enjoy the exceptional vacation you’re expecting at Grand Palms Resort.

Come Admire Our Housekeepers’ Work in Person

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of Grand Palms Resort's unsung heroes, our housekeepers! They are dedicated to creating a clean and comfortable environment for your next vacation.

We hope you’ll take the time to come and see for yourself how our housekeepers are serving you.

For more information on how you can reserve your stay at Grand Palms Resort, call our friendly staff at 888-913-4477 or email us at


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