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Grand Palms Resort and MoonPies Make a Wonderful Combination

Updated: Jul 13

Grand Palms Resort and MoonPies Make a Wonderful Combination during your next Myrtle Beach Vacation at Grand Palms Resort.

Southern Hospitality at Grand Palms Resort

At Grand Palms Resort, we extend Southern hospitality by offering each guest a delicious MoonPie upon check-in. It's our way of saying "Welcome! We're delighted you're here!"

This classic treat is the southern version of the traditional s'more - the perfect combination of marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate. The soft, sweet marshmallow, and the satisfying crunch of the graham crackers, along with the richness of the chocolate create a delightful texture and taste that has stood the test of time. This classic combination of flavors has remained unchanged since its inception.

Welcome! We're delighted you're here!

We invite you to to experience an authentic flavor of the South by enjoying a complimentary MoonPie at our Resort. Giving a friend or a loved one a MoonPie is tasty tradition that has brought smiles for over a century. We also invite you to slow down, savor this delicacy, and let our friendly, charming atmosphere at Grand Palms Resort envelop you during your stay.

If eating a delicious MoonPie doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, join us for our s'more making activity S'mores at the Patio!

History Never Tasted So Good! - MoonPie Origins and Tradition

MoonPies are an iconic Southern confection with a fascinating origin story. In 1917, a Kentucky coal miner told traveling salesman Earl Mitchell he wanted a snack "as big as the moon" with graham cracker and marshmallow dipped in chocolate. Mitchell relayed this to the Chattanooga Tennessee Bakery, and the MoonPie was born.


This affordable, filling treat became a beloved tradition across the South, often paired with another Southern icon, an RC Cola. MoonPies provided comfort to soldiers during World War II and satisfied baby boomers' cravings in the postwar years. Today, over a million are produced daily, with different sizes like the Double Decker MoonPie (the ones you'll find at the Resort) to new flavors like salted caramel and banana joining the original.

Enjoy a complimentary moon pie at the start of your next Myrtle Beach Vacation at Grand Palms Resort.

 Come and Enjoy a MoonPie on Us!

So come stay with us, grab an RC Cola, bite into that big MoonPie from us, and get ready for Southern hospitality at its finest at Grand Palms Resort!


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