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Make a Memory, Build a Turtle

Updated: Apr 27

Save the Turtles on your Myrtle Beach Vacation with Grand Palms Resort (formerly Plantation Resort)
Come "Build a Turtle" and help save the sea turtles with us at Grand Palms Resort!

Come join us at one of our most popular activities, Stuff a Sea Creature! *The Build a Turtle Activity has been so popular with our guests that we've added additional sea creatures for you to adopt and take home. Since we've added more sea creatures, the activity has been renamed to "Stuff a Sea Creature."

You and your family will be able to create memories that will last a lifetime! During this activity, you can learn about our efforts to save the Sea Turtles and with your participation, you help too! We donate a portion of the proceeds to save the sea turtles. See details below.

**Please check the current activity schedule in the Resort's Welcome Magazine for latest days and times.

Our super fun Stuff a Sea Creature activity comes with a plush sea animal for your kids to stuff and then call their own. Just beware, it's so fun you'll want one for your own. (We're not judging!) It costs $30 per creature and one of our helpful recreation team members will happily walk you through the process. You'll also be given an opportunity to decorate a box to take your new pet home in. At the end of the activity, you'll also be given a birth certificate for your new sea pal.

Build a Turtle Activity with Grand Palms Resort (formerly Plantation Resort) on your Myrtle Beach vacation.

Your time with us will look a little something like this:

  1. Choose a sea animal

  2. Stuff the animal with some polycotton fill provided by one of our team members

  3. Decorate your take-home box with markers or paint

  4. Place your new sea pal in the box and off you go

We can't wait to see you and your family at our activity!

Saving our Sea Turtles

National Turtle Day is celebrated in May, but the good news is that Turtle Season lasts all summer long. Turtles have been nesting in the sand dunes for the last few months and it is almost time for the baby sea turtles to hatch and make their way to our beautiful ocean.

Save the Sea Turtles on your vacation to Myrtle Beach with Grand Palms Resort (formerly Plantation Resort)
Newly hatched baby turtles make their way to the ocean.

These incredible creatures add a lot to our oceans; they eat ocean grass which regulates the growth of sea plants, and their eggs play a crucial role in the health of the grasses in the sand dunes. Unfortunately, sea turtles are an endangered species. There are many reasons for this, but one is harm to their habitat. There are many things you can do to help! For ideas, see this article about how you can help to save the sea turtles.

Grand Palms Resort's Charitable Efforts

Grand Palms Resort is committed to doing our part to help save the sea turtles. That is why we donate part of the proceeds from our Stuff a Sea Creature activity to the South Carolina Aquarium and the Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Rescue. These professionals rescue sea turtles, care for them in their state of the art facilities, and release them back into the wild once they are well enough to do so. You can learn more about these efforts by visiting the South Carolina Aquarium website-- each turtle in their care has a profile on this page with information about their care.

Not only that, you can purchase your very own Save the Turtles T-Shirt at our Front Desk. Part of the proceeds from the sales of these shirts will also be donated to the South Carolina Aquarium and the Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Rescue.

Save the Turtles on your Myrtle Beach Vacation with Grand Palms Resort (formerly Plantation Resort)
photo source: scaquarium.org/sea-turtle-care-center/

Make Your Reservation Today

Grand Palms Resort is located only two miles from Surfside Beach, making it an ideal location as you explore natural sea turtle habitats near by. You can rent one of our state park passes and visit Myrtle Beach State Park or Huntington Beach State Park.

During your stay at Grand Palms Resort, you can visit the exciting Ripley's Aquarium. Take the whole family and see these special sea creatures up close. We have partnered with Ripley's Aquarium and offer discounted tickets if you purchase them at our Front Desk.

Be sure to reserve your vacation by calling 888-913-4477. You can also email us at reservations@grandpalmsresortmb.com. We hope to see you soon!

Save the Turtles on your Myrtle Beach Vacation with Grand Palms Resort (formerly Plantation Resort)

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