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2023 Grand Palms Resort Updates

Resort Improvements

We're excited to unveil the incredible improvements at Grand Palms Resort. From a state-of-the-art playground and a convenient new bathroom by the lazy river, to upgraded sidewalks and curb and guttering, every aspect has been enhanced to provide an even more unforgettable experience for our guests. Join us as we explore the latest enhancements that are set to elevate your stay at Grand Palms to new levels of enjoyment and comfort. Here are a few of the improvements you have to look forward to:

This article serves as a recap of some of the changes that have been happening in and around the Resort. Highlights include (click to go to the desired section):

New Bathroom at the Lazy River

We've added a bathroom to the Lazy River area! The Lazy River Bathroom was installed at the beginning of May.

The Resort has a New Address

With the addition of our new front desk, we thought it appropriate for it to have a new address. Here are the changes:

Old Address was 1250 U.S. Highway 17 North, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Enjoy the gas grill, charcoal grill, and water fountain on your next Myrtle Beach Vacation at Grand Palms Resort's new playground
New Playground with Gas and Charcoal Grills and Water Fountain

Our New Playground is Open and Ready for You

A new playground has been added to the Resort. This playground features tons of fun for all ages! The playground was installed at the beginning of June. Playground includes:

  • Swings - Infant and standard

  • ADA-accessible Glider

  • Swinging Benches

  • Slides - covered, uncovered

  • Tower - look-out tower

  • Jungle Gym Accessories

  • Grill Area - Gas & Charcoal Grills, Picnic Table

  • Drinking Fountain

Enjoy the swings and ADA glider on your next Myrtle Beach Vacation at Grand Palms Resort's new playground
New Playground with Swings and ADA-Accessible Glider

Paving, Sealing and Striping - Outdoor Pool Parking Lot

The Outdoor Pool Parking Lot has a fresh new look after being paved, sealed, and striped.

More New Sidewalks, Curb and Gutter

As you walk along Presidential Drive, you may notice the beginning of sidewalks that will eventually create a continual path along the odd-side of the road. There’s also sidewalks to the trash receptacle areas so that you can keep your feet clean and dry as you take out the trash. We redid the roadside sidewalks on the odd-side of Double Eagle Drive between building 201 and 223 adding ADA-compliant ramps. We’ve added curbing to the even-side of Double Eagle Drive from the Activity Center entrance to building 212, creating a more clean-cut and beautiful aesthetic. This also improves drainage when big storms come our way. We've redone the entrance to the outdoor pool making it more ADA-friendly. These comprehensive sidewalk and curb enhancements not only enhance the visual appeal of the area but also contribute to a cleaner, more convenient, and weather-resistant environment for owners and visitors of all ages and abilities.

Construction in the Community Surrounding Grand Palms Resort

Enjoy these improvements on your Myrtle Beach Vacation at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Plantation Resort.
New Construction Has Begun Around the Resort

The Ocean Palms residential development has begun construction on its second phase of homes along side of our Resort behind the odd-side of Double Eagle and Presidential Drives. A new developer has begun clearing the land behind the even-side of Double Eagle Drive. Although there may be lots of dirt to see now, we hope that these new developments will only add to the view of what used to be part of the old south golf course. And once the dust from the construction has settled, we will be planting additional palms and other beautiful greenery between our new neighbors and the Resort. We're committed to making Grand Palms Resort your vacation oasis and a beautiful vacation destination for you now and for years to come.

Read more about the nearby construction in our article Updates in the Community Surrounding Grand Palms Resort.

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New Gate Blocking the Frontage Road

Enjoy these improvements on your Myrtle Beach Vacation at Grand Palms Resort.

A new gate has been added closing off the entrance to the old front desk parking lot.

To reach the Front Desk, use Platt Boulevard and then take a left onto Grand Palms Resort Drive where you take another left into the Front Desk Parking Lot. Read more in our article New Gate Closing Off Old Front Desk Entrance.

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Hope To See You Soon!

Please come take advantage of all these new improvements during your next Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort!

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