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5 Things to Know About Myrtle Beach Weather

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Enjoy the weather during your Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort formerly plantation resort

Clear, Blue Sunny Skies in our Forecast

We see sunny skies ahead in your Myrtle Beach weather forecast. And with good reason: there’s an average of 218 sunny days out of the year (and only 150 overcast days). Which is one of the main reasons why, we know, you booked a vacation here in the first place!

Let’s talk about the big weather picture here under the Carolina sun. What you can expect and how to prepare is as important as packing that swimsuit (and sunblock). These facts may seem like common sense, but weather-related questions are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs), so we hope this quick countdown will help educate and brighten your day.

Have we mentioned it’s sunny and hot – especially in the summer?

It’s probably not news to you, but it’s good news that it’s sunny 60% of the time during the summer, which is 18 days out of a month, which means we can nearly guarantee that you’ll catch some rays for a few days during your vacation at Grand Palms Resort. Our high temps usually average in the mid-80s to 90s in the summer months, with July being the hottest. The record high in Myrtle Beach is more than 100 degrees. Just keep in mind that this kind of heat and humidity scorches everything in its path, so appropriate sun block, sun protection and flip-flops are a must on the sand and under the sun.

We have water – lots of it.

Technically, 60 miles of Atlantic Ocean beachfront, stretching from Georgetown to Little River. Plus, the Intracoastal Waterway to the west and inlets and marshes. What’s that have to do with the weather, you ask? Everything. From the ocean breeze, which averages 5 mph and keeps the coast cooler than inland cities by 5 degrees, to the tide levels, which usually varies by about 5 feet from high to low tides (and that can mean a difference of several hundred feet of beachfront) each day. Check out a tide chart here: The ocean wind speed also affects the number of waves for your surfing/ boogie boarding pleasure, which averages 6,000 waves crashing daily. Our ocean water is not only plentiful, but comfortably warm, staying about 81º F from early May to late October.

Speaking of water, there's a waterpark in town, Myrtle Waves which is full of tube, speed, and mat slides as well as a major wipe-out wave pool! Grand Palms Resort also has one of the largest indoor and outdoor pools around. With the indoor pool being an inviting 85 degrees year round, a full menu of activities and events, there is always something to make a fantastic Grand Palms Resort vacation even better any time of year.

Be aware of hurricane season.

We said aware of, not fearful of. Hurricane season is officially from June through November, when the water’s warmer. Hurricane peak season is from August 15th through October 15th. But today’s meteorological technology allows for ample time and safety, forecasting, and execution of hurricane preparedness and evacuations, if needed. Hurricanes, tropical storms and inclement weather are just natural elements that come with the territory along coastal areas like ours. Just heed the warnings and emergency information from our weather professionals if and when it’s needed. It’s not worth it to ride out the storm for something to write home about.

Our rainfalls are short.

Rain, rain, go away! And it does just that around here. Because of the combination of our high humidity and ocean breezes, summer thunderstorms are common, but rainfalls only last about an hour, leaving sun and fun in the forecast for the rest of the day. Fun fact: even though we get more rain than the U.S. average (37 inches), the number of days with measurable precipitation in Myrtle Beach (94) is below average.

Our winters are mild.

We know you gathered this by now, but we thought we’d wrap up with this reminder if you’re a fair weather fan of the cold stuff. As you can imagine, Myrtle Beach averages less than an inch of snow per year (that’s flakes; rarely accumulation) – and if it does actually snow, it falls in January or February. And that means you really have 10 months out of the year open to choose from when you book your stay with us!

Below is an infographic and Q&A on the website that answers the reoccurring question, “What is the weather like in Myrtle Beach?” We’re delighted to share this infographic with you to help you plan for your vacation at Grand Palms Resort:

EEnjoy the weather during your Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort formerly plantation resort

Every Day is a Great Day to Visit Grand Palms Resort

If you have any additional weather questions feel free to submit any additional questions in the comment section. We’ll be happy to answer them! Even more happy to see you on your next vacation to the beach! Wonderful weather is in your forecast for your vacation to one of America’s most popular beach vacation destinations. To make your reservation, call 888-913-4477. Hope to see you soon!

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