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Not Traveling in 2021? Save Your Vacation!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach Vacation on your time at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort.

What can I do with my time if I didn’t vacation this year?

We understand during this unprecedented time that many of you have chosen not to vacation this year. Some have questioned what value can I receive for my unused week or how do I save my vacation time. We’re here to help you make sure no vacation time is lost, just postponed for a later date.

For Grand Palms Resort Owners who have RCI Points

None of your points will be lost! Your points that you would have used for this year’s vacation remain in your account for up to 24 months so you can take advantage of them whenever you need them. Do you have a few extra points and are ready to travel? We’d love to welcome you back to Grand Palms Resort for as many nights as your points will allow. In addition, your points earn you so much more if you’re willing to vacation outside the busy summer months. And fall is an excellent time to vacation in Myrtle Beach!

We suggest checking with RCI by calling 877-968-7476 to make sure you don’t have any points that are about to expire. RCI provides options (at a cost) to extend the life of your points so you can take full advantage of them at a later date.

For Grand Palms Resort Weeks Owners who are RCI Members

If you’ve chosen not to take your vacation this year and you have a current RCI weeks membership just give our Owner Services team a call at 888-913-4477 and they can help you bank your week with RCI.

Banking your week means you give RCI your week and in return they give you the option to vacation at a later time anywhere there’s availability in the RCI network including Grand Palms Resort. This way you can save your vacation for up to 24 months and not lose your week.

Resort availability in the RCI network is determined by demand for the resort you’re interested in and the trading power you receive when banking your week with them. So the earlier you bank your week and plan your next vacation, the more trading power you’ll have with RCI’s resorts. To learn more on how to maximize your trading power, click here.

Can you say 2 weeks of an awesome Grand Palms Resort vacation instead of just one next year?

For Grand Palms Resort Owners who do not have an RCI membership

If you are a Grand Palms Resort weeks owner without an RCI membership, we haven’t forgotten you! Please give our friendly Owner Services team a call at 888-913-4477 so they can discuss with you the best options for coming back to vacation at Grand Palms Resort.

Be Safe and Wishing You Many Happy Future Vacations

We hope these suggestions help you to better understand your options so you don’t lose out on your vacation opportunities. If you have additional questions, please contact our Owner Services team at 888-913-4477. They are eager to assist you. We also hope that when you are comfortable traveling again, that we see you at Grand Palms Resort enjoying your well-earned vacation with all the benefits that your home resort has to offer!

Wishing you safety and wellness, Grand Palms Resort Owner Services Team

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach Vacation on your time at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort.
A couple enjoying Grand Palms Resort's Outdoor Pool

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