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Reservation Tip #2: Big Payoffs for Reserving Early

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Enjoy our reservation tips for your Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Planation Resort.
Have fun at the Resort's Outdoor Pool on your next Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort

You've heard the old adage "The early bird gets the worm." The truth this saying teaches holds true with reserving your memorable vacation at Grand Palms Resort. When you reserve early, you enjoy many advantages. Here are a few:

Better Availability

Did you know, if you are a Grand Palms Resort weeks owner, you can reserve your vacation up to 2 years in advance? As long as you pay your maintenance fee or stay up-to-date on your monthly payment plan you can be ahead of the rush for popular times and rooms. Often owners will reserve their next vacation as they check out from their last stay at Grand Palms Resort. The key is availability, and we’re much more likely to be able to accommodate your request the earlier you reserve. Need to know what room types we offer? Click here.

More Trading Power

Enjoy our reservation tips for your Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Planation Resort.

For weeks owners who exchange their weeks through RCI, the sooner you deposit your week, the more trading power credits you receive. To earn the maximum number of credits, you’ll want to deposit your week at least 9 months before your deposited week begins. For example, if the week you own starts March 1st, to receive the maximum number of trading credits to use to exchange into another RCI resort, you’ll want to deposit your week with RCI (called “banking your week”) by July 1st – 9 months before the 1st of March. You’ll receive 95% of your trading credits when depositing between 9 to 6 months; 90% from 6 to 3 months; 80% of your trading value if you deposit between 3 and 1 months and 60% if you deposit less than 1 month before your deposited week begins.

If you are planning to exchange your week to go on vacation at a different destination through RCI, the earlier you deposit, the easier it will be to reserve your ultimate vacation destination.

For points owners, you have first choice at your RCI designated home resort for 25 to 12 months out from the time you plan to vacation. (There are 4 different RCI resort designations at Grand Palms Resort. Click here for more.)

From 11 to 10 months out from your planned vacation time, points owners have first choice of any remaining inventory at Grand Palms Resort. (In our case, RCI's Home Group consists of the 4 different resort codes at Grand Palms Resort.) At 9 months, RCI opens up any remaining inventory to all its members. So reserving early gives points owners special access to certain RCI inventory from 25 to 9 months out from the start of their next vacation.

Enjoy our reservation tips for your Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort, formerly Planation Resort..

More Affordable

Your wallet will sigh with relief when you plan your vacation early. Read our blog article 12 Ways to Save Money for Your Beach Vacation for more tips. If you are flying to stay with us, airfare is more affordable the earlier you buy. Another advantage of planning early is you have more time to take advantage of any sales or discounts that may come your way. Since Myrtle Beach is normally a drive-to destination, if you fly to Myrtle Beach we strongly recommend renting a car so that you can fully enjoy all the sights. Reserving early helps you find better values in car rentals since they usually offer a more affordable rate the earlier you book.

Special Requests Better Fulfilled

Reserving early is especially important for those with special requests. When you call to reserve your stay, please tell us if you have any medical issues, preferences or special needs when requesting a specific room type. Read more about our room types in our blog article Grand Palms Resort Accommodations.

When You Can’t Reserve Early

If you can’t make plans in advance, please give our Reservations Team a call at 888-913-4477 so we can help you with your last minute options. With cancellations, last call opportunities, etc. who knows? You may get lucky and find exactly what you’re looking for. Being flexible with your check-in dates or the length of your stay will also give you a better chance with availability for your vacation. You may find that you’ll have better luck aiming for one of the off-season weeks, which, despite the name, still offer an impressive amount of activities for you to enjoy with your family. Click here to see the Resort's Welcome Magazine that has the current list of activities at the Resort.

Plan Your Vacation at Your Favorite Destination

To reserve your stay, call 888-913-4477 or email us at and one of our friendly Reservation Representatives will love to help you plan your next memorable vacation with us!

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