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  • Emily Kohler

Exploring Myrtle Beach and Grand Palms Resort - An Intern's Experience

Grand Palms Resort offers a truly unique opportunity to college students. They have created an internship program that enables interns to help plan and execute events, assist with activities, and explore what hospitality and tourism can offer for a career. I am Emily and I was one of the lucky interns chosen to take part in this internship program and live in Myrtle Beach, SC. Here are all the things that I loved about this opportunity!


I’ve always been a lover of travel and exploration. I have spent my summers in Alaska on a train, lived in Louisiana, and worked at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. As I have neared the end of my college degree, I had the opportunity to do an internship. When I heard that Grand Palms Resort in Surfside Beach, SC offered an internship, I immediately knew it was what I wanted to do it. I had never been to South Carolina and wanted to explore someplace new. It‘s been one of the best internships that I have ever had. From a great company, to cool work projects and an amazing location, I really couldn’t have asked for anything better.  

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation during your stay at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort
Picture of the Recreation Manager and Intern Emily

A Company that Cares

Grand Palms Resort is unique in how much they care for their employees. When I arrived, I was greeted by everyone excitedly at the Resort. In my room waiting for me was a welcome basket.

Another example of their kindness is once during my internship, I caught a cold. I reached out to one of my bosses to get a zoom link for a meeting instead of attending in person. Not even thirty minutes later a fellow employee knocked at my door with a delivery of chicken soup, bread, and a coloring book for entertainment while I recovered. No other company has gone out of their way to make sure that I was taken care of and made me feel at home like Grand Palms Resort has.    

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation during your stay at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort
Concept art for new Poolside Event Center

Exciting Work Projects 

Grand Palms Resort has allowed me to really explore what I want to do with my career by involving me in a variety of projects. I’ve had the chance to redecorate the Activity Center, design the new Poolside Event Center, plan the big summer event called the Buccaneer Bash, and other events and activities at the Resort.

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation during your stay at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort
Final look of the Poolside Event Center

Whenever I have expressed interest in learning something new, the Resort has encouraged me to explore it. I've had the chance to shadow the General Manager and learn the process of bidding out renovations for the Resort. Very few internships allow you a chance to really explore outside of your job description, but Grand Palms Resort cares so much about their interns and helping them grow. I have had the chance to grow and learn in ways I didn’t anticipate.  

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation during your stay at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort
Photo of Broadway at the Beach

Unique Location 

Another amazing part of this internship, is the location. The Myrtle Beach area is very fun and culturally unique. Myrtle Beach has a small beach-town feel with sprinkles of Orlando fun. There are so many different things you can do in Myrtle Beach from Broadway at the Beach to Ferris Wheels to Brookgreen Gardens. You could live in Myrtle Beach for years and not experience all the activities available. But Grand Palms Resort has made sure that I experience as much of Myrtle Beach as I possibly can.

I‘ve been able to visit our partners like Ripley’s Aquarium, Pirate’s Voyage, and Brookgreen Gardens. I also went on a day trip to Charleston and a houseboat excursion with the owner of the Resort. While I’ve only been in South Carolina for a little while, I’ve had the chance to explore and really experience the culture of South Carolina. 

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation during your stay at Grand Palms Resort formerly Plantation Resort
Photo of Recreation Manager Kija, General Manager Andy, and Intern Emily

I have had many work experiences in my life, but Grand Palms Resort has by far been the best that I’ve ever had. I will always be grateful that I chose to do my internship at Grand Palms Resort. I have had a wonderful experience because I chose to do my internship with a Resort that cares about their interns. While I did my internship from January to April, the majority of the internship opportunities available at Grand Palms Resort happen during the summer.

Interested in an Internship at Grand Palms Resort?

Summer internships at Grand Palms Resort start in April-September, with flexible start and end dates. If you aren't convinced yet to intern at Grand Palms Resort, make sure you watch this video! If a summer internship can't fit into your schedule, no worries, internships are available year round. Please click here to apply. For any questions you may have, contact

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