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What Type of Vacationer Are You?

Updated: Apr 6

Plan Your Trip According to Your Vacation Type

You've made your reservation - now what? It's time to plan, prepare and take care of your itinerary. No matter where you choose for your vacation destination, it helps to know what kind of vacationer you are when you start to map it all out. A foodie? History buff? Shopaholic? With so many vacation options to choose from, we're here to help you plan the best trip according to your vacation type. What kind of vacationer are you? We've listed 15 different vacation types along with the best ways to experience your time on the Grand Strand. *Grand Palms Resort Guests receive a special discount.

The Foodie.

When planning your vacation, the first thing you do is research all the top restaurants to add to your culinary itinerary. A foodie seeks new and exciting food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating to satisfy hunger. Here is some food for thought:

Go to a local breakfast joint. Golden Egg*, Johnny D's Waffles and Bakery, Eggs Up Grill Most convenient hot breakfast option. Grand Palms Resort Breakfast Buffet Treat yourself to brunch. Crepe Creation Cafe, Croissants Bistro and Bakery, Tupelo Honey Cafe Go out for dinner. MarshWalk-Restaurant Row, Casa Calamari*, Bubba's Fish Shack*, Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse, Valentino* Enjoy a sweet treat. Coccadotts Cake Shop, Cold Stone Creamery, Grand Palms Resort Poolside Grill

photo source: atalayacastle.com

The History Buff.

Calling all history buffs! Do your friends and family turn to you for all history questions? Well, there is plenty to learn about when it comes to South Carolina history during your stay in Myrtle Beach. For instance, did you know our state tree is a palmetto (palm) tree? Visit a historical site. South Carolina's Hall of Fame, Brookgreen Gardens Go to a historical landmark. Charleston-Fort Sumter, Atalaya Castle, USS Yorktown, USS North Carolina, CSS Hunley

The Shopaholic.

Attention all shoppers! Get your shopping bags ready because we are close to all the action - the outlet stores, shops at The Market Common, the Coastal Grand Mall and many other stores that are only a short drive away! Into looking for that one-of-a-kind special find? Two of Myrtle Beach's largest flea markets are just next door - Hudson's Surfside Flea Market and Everything Under the Sun Flea Market. Home retail bargains are minutes away at Old Time Pottery.

Shop uncommon at The Market Common. The Market Common has a beautiful village design that makes for a perfect stroll within the shopping district. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and events to take part in. All and all, The Market Common has exceptional shopping and dining options available at this beautiful location.

The Beach Goer.

Two words: Vitamin D. When it comes to planning your vacation, you choose the beach hands down. You're the kind of traveler who likes to have tons of fun in the sun. Go ahead, lay out and relax on any of our beautiful beaches!

Surfside Beach. Known as the "Family Beach". The Surfside Pier was built in 1953 and offers magnificent view of the area and is a local favorite for fishing. This Pier is perfect for experiencing romantic sunsets or taking the family for a walk to experience the breathtaking views. Enjoy a Grand Palms Resort's complimentary shuttle bus ride to and from the beach. Garden City Beach. Popular arcades filled with the whirls and jingles of games, combined with players' laughter, are a favorite stop for those ready to have fun after a day of play in the sun, and lighthearted, family-friendly celebrations are held throughout the year. Myrtle Beach. Known as the "Heart of the Grand Strand" from relaxing on the shore to a variety of shopping, thrilling rides, exciting attractions, and sizzling nightlife. A sophisticated cultural scene brings it all together, making Myrtle Beach a sought-after vacation destination for everyone.

The Golfer.

Whether its professional or for pleasure, it can be great to make a hole in one when it comes to planning your vacation. Myrtle Beach is known as a golfers' paradise, offering several types of golf venues. As a guest of Grand Palms Resort, enjoy a special discount provided by our golf partners listed below.

Visit a golf course. Indigo Creek Golf Club*, Prestwick Country Club*, Tupelo Bay* Take the family for Putt-Putt. Runaway Bay Mini Golf*, Jurassic Golf*, Shipwreck Adventure Golf*

The Nature Observer.

Are you known as the group's "tree-hugger"? If you are one with nature, there is plenty of tranquility to experience during your stay on the Grand Strand.

Visit a state park. Myrtle Beach State Park, Huntington State Park Visit a garden. Brookgreen Gardens Go to the beach. Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Myrtle Beach Get up close with wild animals at Myrtle Beach Safari

The Body Builder.

Want a way to be healthy? Several studies show that taking a vacation can boost your health. Read this blog article for details on how a vacation can improve your health.

Go for a run. The Market Common - has a park that is perfect for families. Runners often enjoy the sights at The Market Common and typically run alongside the tranquil lake that surrounds the park. Workout. Grand Palms Resort has plenty to help you enjoy a healthy and happy vacation. We offer several amenities including a fully equipped gym, swimming pools, fitness classes, steam rooms and saunas. Soothe away those aches and pains with a massage from our onsite Mother Earth Day Spa. Stay active. Rockin' Jump, Watersports

photo source: skywheel.com

The Architect.

Big, bold, artful designs, and beautiful lights make for interesting conversations for avid architecture fans. There are amazing venues that have unique and vibrant character captured in every building that make it a site worth seeing.

Visit a popular landmark. SkyWheel, The Market Common, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Visit an attraction. WonderWorks, Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley's Aquarium See the incredible ship sets at Pirates Voyage

The Social Butterfly.

Do you often make friends everywhere you go? With plenty to do, sites to see, and people to meet, Myrtle Beach makes the perfect place for the social butterfly!

Visit the most popular spot. Broadway at the Beach - there are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. Broadway at the Beach has a wide variety of options such as, The Carolina Comedy Club, Hard Rock Café, Carmike Cinema, Legends in Concert, WonderWorks, Ripley’s Aquarium, Margaritaville Restaurant and much more. Aside from the fun-filled entertainment and attractions, it is also known as an exciting night life venue with places such as Crocodile Rocks and Senior Frogs. Whether its time with family or friends, Broadway at the Beach is full of exciting options. Attend an event. Myrtle Beach Calendar of Events

The Artist.

The creative, the artsy to a "T" friend known as, "The Artist"- yeah that's you. You love to get in touch with your creative side and finally have time to relax and unwind into your inner artist. Here are some picture perfect options for you:

Go to a museum. Hollywood Wax Museum, Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B Chapin Art Museum Go to a café or restaurant. Collectors Café & Gallery - When you walk in, your senses are overwhelmed with savory smells of bold coffee and rich entrees. Stroll along the restaurant and view the art gallery from local artists or sit back and enjoy an exquisite dessert made from their in-house pastry chef. The ambiance is striking but the food is the main attraction. ART Burger Sushi Bar - is true to the name. The sensational food paired with its artsy vibe makes for a great dive for all art, burger, and sushi lovers. The restaurant is covered in artwork from wall to wall, which are aligned with local artists’ paintings. Create your own masterpiece. Wine & Design, Harry The Potter, Crafty Queen workshops or do an activity at Grand Palms Resort.

The Music Lover.

Keep your ticket stubs, because there is tons of concerts and live entertainment to add to your scrapbook. Your love for music accompanied by the excitement of the crowd is enough to get you jumping! These events and concerts will put you in the right tune with your musical personality:

Attend a concert. House of Blues, The Boathouse, Murrells Inlet, Legends in Concert Go to a café. Fresh Brewed Coffee House, Hard Rock Cafe Visit a musical venue. The Bowery, is also a great restaurant and bar that was home of the country group, “Alabama!” The Bowery is known as Myrtle Beach’s music museum which provides the public live music daily.

The Adventurer.

You live for the thrill, to try new things because you are "The Adventurer."

Attend an entertainment venue. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk - home to many festivals and events held throughout the year. Along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk are arcades, restaurants, souvenir stands, Family Kingdom Amusement Park and the SkyWheel, which is one of the country’s tallest Ferris wheels. The Chemist Craft Cocktails & Modern Cuisine, serves creatively crafted cocktails for all science buffs and food fans alike. The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is a great way to enjoy the breathtaking views of the beach while also enjoying nearby attractions and dining options. Get out of your comfort zone. Radical Ropes, Shark Wake Park Play with fire. Polynesian Pool Party at Grand Palms Resort (seasonal), Pirates Voyage, Medieval Times

The Wine/Beer Enthusiast.

Do you enjoy the sweet sips of succulent wines or smooth hoppy beers? We recommend you go for a wine tasting and tour one of our most popular wine venues.

Visit a winery or vineyard. Duplin Winery, La Belle Amie Vineyard (temporarily closed) Visit a brewery or dive bar. New South Brewery, Gordon Biersch, Liberty Brewery & Grill, Atlas Tap House

The Lovebirds.

You vacation in pairs, as the perfect dynamic duo. Whether its your honeymoon or your time with someone special, you want to spend your vacation enjoying romantic sunsets and sweet memories.

Treat yourselves to a nice dinner. Drunken Jack's, The Library Restaurant, Ciao! Italian Restaurant, Frank & Franks Outback, Villa Romana, Wicked Tuna Have the perfect date night. The Market Common is a great option for date nights. The Grand 14 movie theater is located beside Cold Stone Creamery, where you can enjoy a tasty handcrafted sweet treat after a movie! Walk on the beach. What's more romantic than a walk on the beach at sunset?

The Staycationer.

You're on vacation, but you get wrapped into all kinds of plans and then poof! The day has officially come to an end in the blink of an eye. We know you don't want to be strapped down by tedious plans; you want a hassle-free vacation the way it should be. Sit tight and enjoy an exceptional vacation without having to leave the comfort of your favorite Resort.

Enjoy our amenities. Poolside Grill, Mother Earth Day Spa, Lazy River, Pools, Fitness Center, Beach Shuttles, Outdoor Grills, S'mores at the Fire Tables, and so much more! Attend our special events and activities. Polynesian Pool Party (summer season). Attend an activity workshop at Grand Palms Resort.

Plan Your Vacation at Your Favorite Destination

Grand Palms Resort has everything for all vacation types to enjoy an exceptional vacation. To reserve your stay, call 1-888-913-4477 and one of our friendly Reservation Representatives will love to help you plan your next vacation with us!

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