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Myrtle Beach - The Most Popular and Affordable Beach Vacation in the U.S.

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer travel season, and many have Myrtle Beach at the top of their list. With perfectly warm temperatures, stunning sandy beaches, activities, entertainment and food venues galore, not to mention world-class golf... Why would anyone not want to vacation in Myrtle Beach!

Myrtle Beach - The Top Trending Vacation Destination named Myrtle Beach as the top trending U.S. destination for Memorial Day weekend followed by other popular destinations including Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami.

The top ten US cities are:

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC

  2. Las Vegas, NV

  3. Panama City Beach, FL

  4. New York, NY

  5. Orlando, FL

  6. Destin, FL

  7. Miami Beach, FL

  8. Pigeon Forge, TN

  9. Chicago, IL

  10. San Diego, CA

A Busy Summer Season in the Forecast

The study also showed that Americans looking to travel to the Grand Strand during the holiday weekend was up 15% this year. According to local WPDE News, a busy Memorial Day weekend is a precursor to a busy summer.

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Myrtle Beach is an Affordable Vacation Destination

According to Travel Off Path Magazine, the East Coast holds the key to enjoy fun, budget-friendly beach city this summer since that's where you'll find Myrtle Beach.

If you’re currently planning the ultimate warm-weathered retreat and are hoping to find a place that’s affordable and along the East Coast, this South Carolina gem promises the perfect experience.

And, if recent reports are anything to go by, most Americans feel this way, too.

Myrtle Beach is firmly holding onto the “No. 1 domestic travel destination” spot this Memorial Day weekend, and predictions made for the rest of the season are similar.

But with so many gorgeous cities scattered along the U.S. coastline, why is this particular hub so incredibly coveted?

A Budget-Friendly Haven

If there’s one thing all travelers love it’s a good deal, and that’s exactly what Myrtle Beach offers.

While prices in the city are by no means what you’d consider dirt cheap, they’re still reasonable, especially compared to the other beach destinations on the list and considering this is a beach destination with lots to offer in return.

Beautiful Beaches

What truly makes Myrtle Beach such a great value destination, are the gorgeous, white-sand beaches where you can take in that South Carolina sun.

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And in addition to the upbeat energy of places like Myrtle Beach State Park, there are plenty of quieter, more serene shores (case in point, Huntington Beach State Park) that give travelers a much-needed opportunity to just sit back and relax.

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Looking for a prime fishing spot? Cherry Grove Beach is just a short drive away.

Searching for a good place to surf? The waves at North Myrtle Beach are waiting for you.

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There’s so much for everyone to enjoy here, that even if you’re an indecisive traveler who can’t seem to find a place that’ll fully cater to your wants and needs, going to Myrtle Beach is a safe bet that you’ll get to see at least one beach you absolutely love.

Plenty To Do

The incredible seaside views are far from the only attraction drawing in visitors to Myrtle Beach in record numbers. The entertainment scene is amazing, too.

Whether you’re looking for amusement parks, theaters, live music venues, championship golf courses, exquisite restaurants, or endless shopping opportunities, one thing’s for sure – you’ll always find something exciting to do in this South Carolinian gem.

In additional to all that, with a mix of great nightlife and family-friendly attractions, Myrtle Beach is the ultimate beach destination for travelers of all ages and backgrounds.

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Dreamy Weather

We absolutely have to mention the city’s impeccable weather – you know, the thing that draws in millions of travelers in the first place.

Summers here sizzle with temperatures that hover between the mid-80s and low 90s, which is just perfect for a good sunbathing session, especially when you have the waters of the Atlantic right there to help cool you off.

Summer is only one of several fantastic seasons in which you can enjoy a trip to Myrtle Beach, since temperatures in spring and autumn can easily go into the mid-70s, too, creating the perfect climate for those who want to avoid the summer heat and the summer crowds.

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Myrtle Beach voted most popular and budget-friendly in the US.  Enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation at Grand Palms Resort.

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